From Past to Blast: The Hand Dryer Evolution

From Past to Blast: The Hand Dryer Evolution

Overlooked, Underappreciated 

Often overlooked and underappreciated, automatic hand dryers like the RevSquared HD 350, have managed to come a long way from where they once began. With a unique and interesting history, the story of how the modern hand dryer made its way into the present-day scene is nothing short of fascinating.



The Dryer that Started it All

The first hand drying machine was patented back in 1921 and was named “Airdry the Electric Towel” by R.B. Hibbard, D.J. Watrous and J.G. Bassett. The dryer actually functioned as a hair, face, and hand dryer and worked by pushing a petal on the ground and operated at face height. However these three men are rarely credited for their work in the evolution of the appliance as it was George Clemens that made the device a widespread phenomenon across the country during the late 40’s by founding the company World Dryer which was considered to be the dominant force in the commercial hand dryer market. Despite this, the dryer still had several shortcomings, from its loud design to their slow dry times which could take upwards of a minute, many didn’t have the patience to use the devices. That was until new companies began to appear with more innovative alternatives starting in the early 2000’s. 

The Evolution of the Modern Hand Dryer

Companies like Dyson and Mitsubishi would create similar products that aimed to dry hands at a much more efficient speed. Both companies created hands down hand dryers where instead of individuals placing their hands underneath the fan, they would place them inside of a mini slot where both the front and the back of the hands would be surrounded by the dryer to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. However, it wasn’t until the company Xlerator entered the market that real progress was made. The company became a staple in restrooms since despite its loud noise, the device was able to dry people’s hands in up to 10 seconds, a feat which had never before been accomplished. The company got its big start at trade shows where they would entice participants to try out the dryer. After they saw the genuine shock and surprise from those consumers, they knew they had a product that could revolutionize the electric hand dryer industry. 

The Modern-Day Hand Dryer 

Today, companies like Xlerator, Mitsubishi and Dyson have all become household names. With the addition of many new companies into the industry such as Aike, Jetwell, Alpine, and RevSquared the market for powerful dryers still has a strong presence today. Through these innovations, a new facet of the marketplace has begun to emerge: residential hand dryers. The RevSquared 350 Home Hand Dryer is an innovative product in the domain as it is one of the only hand dryers ever designed specifically for at-home use. With its compact and sleek design, the RevSquared hand dryer excels in areas where other hand dryers fall short. With minimal noise, fast dry times, and easy application, this device is a direct result of the decades of evolution, history and innovation that has taken place throughout the hand drying industry.