At-Home Hand Dryers and Their Role in the Disability Community

At-Home Hand Dryers and Their Role in the Disability Community

In a world where illness and disease are an all too common occurrence, having a disability increases the difficulty that many face while they are engaging in their everyday activities. Personal hygiene routines in particular, such as drying your hands can become a challenging part of an individual’s day. A simple solution to this issue can be solved through RevSquared’s HD350 Hand Dryer which is a one-of-a-kind hand dryer specially designed to be used for at-home use. 

Automatic Hand Dryers Role in Accessibility

An innumerable number of disabilities make it difficult for individuals to dry their hands. Disorders such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy are predisposed from a person’s genetics and cause severe muscle weakness in both the hands and various other bodily areas. These disorders can oftentimes put individuals in tricky situations when they are out in public or in the privacy of their own home and need to dry their hands. RevSquared’s commercial hand dryer serves as a practical solution towards this issue. With its automatic touch-free feature, those that struggle to hold paper towels or grab wash clothes will be able to dry their hands in a fraction of the time with the dryer's dual mode option and high speed motor. While many public facilities utilize hand dryers for bathrooms, the trend of at-home hand dryers is a concept that has yet to take off. Understanding the unique benefits that having one can do is what makes us a leading figure in the market. 

Disabilities and Hand Dryers solution

Whether you are cooking in the kitchen or working out in the yard, we use our hands for everything. For those that work in fields that are especially taxing on an individual's hands such as artists and masseuses, diseases such as carpel tunnel or arthritis can develop naturally over time. These changes create rising issues for those that work with their hands everyday. The primary purpose of having automatic hand dryers in public locations is for hygienic and energy sustaining purposes. Automatic hand dryers have been proven to reduce waste, save time, and reduce the risk of spreading germs. With all of these key advantages in mind, the implementation of electric hand dryers in the everyday household is a concept that is bound to skyrocket.  

Key Features 

For those specifically with disabilities or illnesses, having accessibility to an at-home air hand dryer is a game changer. Whether it's in your kitchen or your bathroom, the RevSquared HD350 Hand Dryer excels in performance with its high-speed brushless motor, superior HEPA Filter, and dual temperature modes. While it’s primarily utilized for homes, for those that run businesses, the dryer is also functional in commercial spaces as well. So whether it be the gym, the office, or the hotel RevSquared’s hand dryer is the perfect addition for both residential and commercial facilities. Versatile and compact, as one of the only dryers on the market uniquely designed for in-home use, its high speed performance and stylish design make it one of the best options in the market.